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Action On New Type of Global Pledge Program

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) launched its self-regulatory Health and Wellness Initiative in June 2011 but it has been very much under the radar for the past two years. The Initiative is in the form of resolutions regarding the marketing of food with the objective of supporting healthier diets and lifestyles. It complements existing Pledge programs. Significant resolutions are:

–  Continuing to develop / improve affordability and availability of existing products and  services that support the goal of healthier diets and lifestyles

–  Reducing the overall energy, salt/sodium, sugars, saturated and trans-fat content of our 
foods and beverages to help address public health priorities

 –  Developing product sizes for a range of consumer needs

 –  Promoting consumption of fruits and vegetables.

– Committing to voluntary, company-specific measures to ensure that any advertising to children under the age of 12 years is only for products which fulfil specific nutrition criteria based on scientific evidence and /or applicable national and international dietary guidelines or that we do not advertise at all on media directed to children under the age of 12 years.

 A few days ago CGF launched its Action Plan with the main message to industry being “Now its Time to Act”

 A full copy of the Initiative with all resolutions can be accessed on this link http://healthandwellness.mycgforum.com/resolutions.html

 A video message from a variety of food business leaders can be accessed on this link