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Upgraded Best Practice Advertising Regulation Checklist: Comment Please

We seek your assistance once again. We have now completed a draft of an upgraded best practice advertising regulation checklist. It is based on the checklist we published in December 2015. A key difference is that this checklist has three tiers for advertising self-regulatory organisations (SROs) in different phases of development as follows:

Tier 1 for new and emerging SROs

Tier 2 for developed SROs

Tier 3 for sophisticated SROs usually with a long history.

The checklist includes best practice advertising regulation by Governments. This is quite a challenging area and often overlooked.

We adopted the tier system so as to increase the checklist’s practical value – especially for new and emerging SROs.

We would very much like your comments and feedback on the checklist and in particular whether the various requirements are in the correct tier.

As we would like to complete the project by the end of the month could you please let us have your comments to gwiggs@ffar.org by Tuesday 20 June.

The pdf of the draft checklist is here. If you would like a Word version please let me know.

Glen Wiggs

Director                                                                                                                                        Foundation for Advertising Research