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Comment Please: Best Practice Advertising Regulation Checklist for New and Emerging SROs

Last year we developed a best practice advertising regulation checklist for Governments and Self-Regulatory Organisations (SROs). We invited comment on the draft and received invaluable feedback and constructive suggestions that improved the draft substantially. The Checklist was finalised in December last year.

Although the Checklist was appropriate for mature SROs it was generally acknowledged it was too demanding for new and emerging SROs. We have now prepared a simpler version of the Checklist that is available at this link


We found the task quite challenging and we are not entirely satisfied that we have simplified it enough. We therefore seek your assistance and invite you to comment on the draft.

If we can receive your comments by 13 August we would be most appreciative as discussion on the Checklist is to occur at the APEC Seminar on Sharing Good Practices and Experiences on Advertising Self-Regulation Among APEC Economies being held in Lima, Peru on 22-23 August.

If you would like a Word version of the draft please let us know at gwiggs@ffar.org and we will forward it to you.

Glen Wiggs