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Best Practice Advertising Forum in Beijing

A best practice advertising Forum will be held in Beijing on 8-9 August. The Forum is for those involved in advertising regulation in APEC economies and is a follow-up to the successful Hanoi Dialogue. The Forum is under the auspices of APEC and is being organised by the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) with the support of an international committee,

The First Day sessions include

– International communication on global and national policy developments

– Setting and maintaining advertising standards – the International Code and best practice in adapting it to local econ

– Sharing of company best practice cases on ad self-regulation

– Working together to achieve fair competition and sound business environment – Compliance and the role of Governments – (Interactive communication)

The second day is a Capacity Building Technical Workshop with the workshops being led by people currently running self-regulatory organizations. This will be a most valuable for those involved in intending, emerging and experienced advertising regulatory organizations.

Topics covered include

– Funding the system and running a secretariat

– Dealing with ICT developments

– Effective industry and consumer awareness

– The complaints process

– Truth, accuracy and decency – a practical exercise with a mock jury

This Forum is a most important event for those involved in advertising regulation in the APEC region. For further information please contact Sandy Rose at SRose@adstandards.com.au