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Adspend Both Up and Down


The Global Financial Crisis has had a significant effect on advertising expenditure (adspend) in APAC and APEC countries. In some countries there was a reduction in adspend and in others there was increased growth. Adspend is a driver of economic growth thus those countries with increased adspend should enjoy continued economic growth. However sustained long-term growth does require best practice advertising regulation.

 The table below uses ZenithOptimedia data to show the adspend growth on an inflation-adjusted basis from 2011 to 2012.

Indonesia                     +16.9%

Vietnam                       +11.8%

Hong Kong                  +10.5%

Peru                             +9.6%

China                           +8.8%

Russia                         +8.1%

Thailand                      +5.8%

Philippines                   +4.7%

South Korea                +4.2%

Japan                          +3.6%

USA                             +2.8%

Canada                        +1.5%

Chile                            +1.0%

Malaysia                      +0.4%

India                            -2.0%

New Zealand               -2.6%

Australia                      -3.0%

Mexico                        -7.1%

Taiwan                        -7.2%

Singapore                   -7.5%

Pakistan                      -8.8%

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